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Taking the first step towards seeking any kind of therapy can seem daunting. I've answered some commonly asked questions below, but please get in touch if you have any other queries.

I promise to talk you through the whole process, so you know what to expect, feel entirely supported and set up for a successful session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every session  use hypnotherapy?

The deep relaxation techniques of hypnotherapy underpin RTT as they allow the filters and distractions of the conscious mind to take a back seat, to better understand and change the subconscious patterns that can drive our behaviours and thoughts.

Hypnosis is not always needed in sessions with children and is not included in coaching sessions.  

How does hypnotherapy work?

The hypnotic state allows the conscious, analytical mind to relax whilst focusing in on the subconscious and concentrating all attention on a focal goal for a therapeutic effect. It is a natural state of mind that occurs in everyday life such as when watching a film, scrolling Instagram or driving a familiar route. The brain moves from a Beta state to an Alpha or Theta state to create the subconscious changes you desire in the form of new thoughts and positive beliefs about yourself. 

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

You will feel completely relaxed. You are not asleep and you are not out of control. Quite the opposite, in fact, in this deeply relaxed state you will be very focused and we will talk together throughout the session. You will know exactly what you are saying and I will support you throughout the session. Many clients tell me they find the relaxed state their favourite part of the therapy as they find they can talk more freely and let go whilst relaxing with their eyes closed focusing only on themselves.   

What is CBT?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a form of evidence based talk therapy which teaches coping skills for dealing with a range of issues. It focuses on how thoughts and attitudes affect feelings and actions. It helps to evaluate and question the self-critical voice that can be so damaging. 

You can expect to experience a shift in your thinking during your session and over the following weeks you will need to commit to listening to your personalised recording to support lasting change. You need to listen to your 15 - 20 minute recording daily for at least 21 days, then regularly. A follow up call will be booked after one week to check in on your progress.  

What happens after a session?


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