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Just some of the things I can help you with

Rapid Transformational Therapy is wonderfully effective for a wide range of issues. If your area of concern is not listed, it does not mean RTT cannot help.

Book a free consultation to determine whether RTT could work for you.

My Clients Say

"Before seeing Kate, I had experience of talk therapy, but this was my first experience of hynosis in therapy. I love the audio recording. It is powerful, specific and puts me into the relaxed mode I need. My session was constructive and within a reasonable time frame. I felt heard and taken care of. I liked Kate's friendly attitude, confident solutions to the situations that occured and Kate's trust in the process and me as the client. I would definitely recommend Kate to others for her professional skills, ability to listen carefully and for helping me to free myself from my issue in the most powerful way." 
Vilma Petrikiene, Lecturer and Parent Educator
Working with Young People

I have dedicated my life to working with young people and much of my drive in the work I do is seeing the benefits it has for children and the people who care for them. 

Children's emotions and thought processes are often very close to the surface, so hypnotherapy is not always necessary to help them to successfully manage their issues. I offer a range of bespoke services for children and young people. One to one sessions always include a free 30 minute consultation with parents, carers and, where appropriate, teachers. As an experienced teacher, I am able to communicate with other education professionals to support your child through a collaborative approach. Where appropriate, I can conduct a session with your child during their school day.  

For educational institutions, I offer small group workshops around issues that are beneficial for all children such as installing our own cheerleader, harnessing our minds and understanding self-worth and confidence. The sessions are fun, engaging and positive, using age appropriate games and activities to ensure children feel safe to explore their feelings. 

Qualifications and Training
  • BA (Hons) English
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education
  • Advanced Skills Teacher
  • Level 2 Safeguarding
  • Certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified in Foundational Rapid Transformational Coaching
  • Enhanced DBS checked
Teenagers in Nature

Working with teens and young adults

Social Anxiety   I   Exam Anxiety   I   Perfectionism   I   Procrastination   I   Self Esteem

1 - 1 Coaching

Small Group Workshops

Transformational Therapy

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